Everybody is going to hurt you. You just gotta find the one’s worth suffering for.

Okay. Point pointed clearly. I got it. We got it. We have to find that WORTHY one. But my question here is, Who are worth suffering for? -Those you’ve been loving for a long time?! -Those who have been so close to you? -Those who you’ve just met but are so important to you?! Who are woth the suffering?!

EVERYONE WILL HURT YOU. Your enemies hurt you face to face. You don’t know maybe your friends are shooting you through your back. Your family hurts you. Your classmates, your schoolmates, your neighbours, your teachers-EVERYBODY will hurt you.

Worth the pain, worth the tears, worth the sacrifices. Who are?! How will you know that he is really worth of these things?!

I don’t know.

You, loving him, is never a satisfactory excuse. Maybe you love him, but that doesn’t mean he’s worthy of your tears.

You, thinking he’s the one, also isn’t a good one. If he’s the one, he’s never worthy of your tears, of your pain, because if he’s the one, he won’t let you shed even a single tear.

Now who’s worthy?!

For me, someone is worthy of my pain, if I know that the pain I will get from him will make me a better person. Everybody will hurt me, yes, but I won’t accept the pain they’ll give me. I will always bounce back. Except when I know that the pain I will get from someone will build me better and stronger.

I know my point of view isn’t right. I know I’m wrong but that’s how I think. As for the correct checklist on who’s worth suffering for?